One for the money by Janet Evanovich: A review.

  My rating: 2/5
Pages: 320
Author: Janet Evanovich

I would have never stumbled upon a Janet evanovich novel if it was not for Katherine Heigl. Random browsing on the Internet got me to the movie starring Katherine Heigl. The trailer looked interesting enough for me to pick up the book, the movie was based on. I have never been so disappointed.

One for the money is the story of Stephanie plum, who lost her job, sold her furniture, appliances and is now living hand-to-mouth with her pet hamster, in dire need of a job. Luckily, her cousin Vinnie has a fondness for girls with pointed breasts, young lads and there was an odd incident of him sodomising a duck. Not that Stephanie has pointed breasts but she blackmails Vinnie into giving her a job. So our soft, plum Stephanie starts as a bounty hunter and her first case is apprehending the town’s bad boy Joe Morelli. The same morelli she lost her virginity to. 

The novel is very ‘chick’. I have no problem with that, but the fact  that it is so poorly written bugs me. Unnecessary information is roped in to fill the sentences. The author tried everything in her power to pen strong characters. A modern grandma, an overbearing mother, an unconcerned father, damsel-in-distress heroine trying to face the world. But each and every one of them lacked a good seasoning. 

The only sensible thing in this novel was the chemistry between Stephanie and Morelli and it might persuade me to pick the second novel in the series.

The writing style is very crass. The narration is horrible. The narration reads more like a series of events bereft of any literary techniques. I was expecting so much from this novel. The jokes are not funny enough, the mystery not thrilling enough, the plot thin and dry, the ending predictable. Not a good read at all.


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