An Arrow straight to the heart.

Been there, seen that! This is the first thought that comes to my mind when I am made privy to a TV show starring a vigilante in a hood swinging on city’s skyscrapers fighting bad guys.

All superhero shows start the same way; a murky past, a hot muscular body to kill for and a complicated love angle. Arrow is no different. The good thing about this show is, it does everything right, be it the action, romance, drama, suspense or the superior vigilante sweating it out in his den, shirtless. Everything is done to perfection.

Oliver queen, the starling city’s playboy, gets stranded on the island for five long years, staying alive with the sole purpose of doing right his father’s wrongs. So the boy who got stranded, came back a man, with maddening skills. He can jump from roof tops to roof tops, kill with his bare hands and shoot an arrow bullseye with hands tied back. (Okay I am allowed a bit of exaggeration here)

The only thing that separates arrow from other superheroes is the kill. Even the most darkest of all, for instance, the batman, avoid the killing. How dark the green hooded arrow got to be to kill straight through the heart. 

The first season runs 23 episodes. The TV series does not kid around, you would see Oliver queen back and in action from the first episode itself. Good direction, crisp storyline, fast pace, excellent star cast are some of the things that make this series a must watch for all action/adventure enthusiasts. However, there are other bonus things to look for. For instance, 

Oliver queen’s killer body. If five years on a stranded island (without cheese burgers or French fries) can do this to your body, sign me up on the next trip of Queen’s gambit. Too bad we don’t get to see Oliver shirtless so often. 

Another reason to remain loyal to this show is the rock hard workout Oliver indulges in from time to time. 

But Oliver is not the only one stealing the show here, there are a bunch of young characters that keep things boiled up. For instance, Oliver’s rich friend Tommy Merlyn, clean shaven, rich, sharp, his boyish charms intact, tommy is here to steal the show. The fact that both men are rich makes it aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. 

But it is not all raining men. Amidst the staging masculinity is a female character that you can’t help but adore; Felicity Smoak – A very clever and brilliant tech geek. There is no firewall that can stand against her, no database she can’t hack into. It if is online, it is within the grasps of Felicity Smoak.

Last but not the least, the killer punch line, “you have failed this city.” Honestly, I laughed my heart out the first time I heard it but when you hear it too often, it comes to grow on you.


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