The uncanny X-men #1 by Stan lee.

Link: Uncanny X-men #1
Pages: 23
Rating: 4/5

Ever wondered how it all started, the x-men? The story does not begin with wolverine showing up at their doorstep like in movies. When in doubt, go back to the basics. The basics here are written in ink and color, printed at a time long long ago in the first issue of The uncanny X-men, by Stan lee.

Surpassing the ordinary and natural, these uncanny mutants fight their arch enemy, Magneto. It is a story of the core x-men; Cyclops, Beast, Iceman, Angel, Jean and the professor training hard to protect mankind from the evil mutants.

The job is not easy, it will require courage, strength, dedication and focus on part of x-men and mentoring by Charles Xavier.

The comic is very verbal, each action is explained verbally, each scenario is put into words (which at times is annoying). The story does not deal with human-mutant dilemmas, the world here welcomes the x-men with open arms. But from the very first issue, the ideology behind the series becomes clear; the good mutants protecting the humans against the bad ones who wants to rule the world.

We all know a thing or two about x-men, but reading each issue is like learning some thing new. As from this issue, magneto can take flight by means of magnetic repulsion.

So dive right in, in this amazing world of uncanny X-men.


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