Destination Moon: A review.

Author: Herge
Rating: 4/5
Pages: 62

Destination moon is the first part of a two part series of tintin’s adventures that will take him to moon.

The mysterious disappearance of Calculus and his telegram bring Tintin, Captain Haddock and Snowy to the Syldavia; the land of the mineral water. Calculus is building a rocket straight for the moon and tintin, haddock and snowy are the ones he is willing to take along with him.

But before they could travel to moon they must protect the secret plans of the rocket from getting into the wrong hands.

By the end, there won’t be a single wall or door that Haddock had not bumped into, his curses would fly with every page. ‘Billions of blistering barnacles’ and ‘ten thousand thundering typhoons’ are just the tip of the iceberg of curses he will haul throughtout the comic.

This comic is a fun read through and through, with remarkable storyline, laughable punches and brilliant artwork. Another remarkable thing that i noticed was, tintin and snowy has the same expression when they are suspicious of something.


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