Tamasha by Imtiaz Ali : A review


Rating: 4/5
Duration: 139 min
Link: Tamasha

Cinema is like a canvas. Every film sketches its own stories, heroes and legacies, but most leave with black and white pencil marks that gets rubbed with a new arrival next Friday. Tamahsa is one of those few with a color pallet that colors the otherwise black and white canvas with dazzling display of blues, reds and greens.

Ranbir Kapoor’s outstanding performance brings out every emotion on the screen. It is a performance of considerable virtuosity and flair that would leave the audience amused, numb, nostalgic and inspirited.

The first half of the movie takes you on a whirlwind tour of an unrealistic love, following a predictable storyline in a realistic Corsica with its alluring streets, coastline and people.

The second half of the movie takes a realistic emotional tone that sets the mood of the movie. Deepika doesn’t have a major role but her enigmatic performance ties with that of Ranbir’s in a perfect knot.

The movie does have a complex story (in the second half) and its coruscating wit and gist makes it an enjoyable watch.


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