X-men : Beware of the BLOB 

In this third edition of uncanny x-men, the teenage mutants face a most unusual adversary; the BLOB. Like his name, blob is a very fat, strong mutant much like a big sack of sand that is difficult to move, but blob’s skin is so thick that even bullets can’t pierce it.

Blob is thick on skin and thin on brains, as the guy conveniently thought he was just too fat and there is nothing unusual about him.

The novel starts with the usual scene of xmen training hard, when suddenly, professor senses the presence of a mutant, and sends the x-men to town to find him and bring him to the campus. The x-men were mistakenly too optimistic that every single mutant would want to join them. However things took an ugly turn as blob is no gentleman, having already made a crude pass at Jean Grey.  

With an interesting circus v/s x-men fighting sequence, this edition was better than the previous one; the Vanisher. Poor Jean had to deal with lots of teasing. This edition also sparks the beginning of a rudimentary love interest between Jean and Scott, though still one sided, as we read Scott’s thoughts regarding Jean and his apprehensions regarding his power and its dangers. 

Writer: Stan Lee, Illustrator: Jack Kirby, Pages: 24, Rating: 3.5/5


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