The Xmen : Return of the dreaded Magneto.


Writer: Stan Lee. Illustrator: Jack Kirby. Rating: 3.5/5. Link: X-men

In the fourth issue of the series, X-men, the most unusual teenagers of all time come face to face with a most powerful adversary, “The brotherhood of Evil Mutants.” Magneto returns with his own band of followers.

The issue begins in a characteristic dramatic fashion akin to X-men comics of the time, in the words of Stan Lee himself, “You would gaze upon at a sight which very few Homo Sapiens have been privileged to witness; The awesome Danger Room!”

The comic starts with X-men training hard under the watchful eye of Professor Xavier. Not very far away Magneto is hatching a new plan with his team. This issue introduces a host of new characters like the sycophant Toad and the Evil Mastermind who can create sinister illusions. But the most appealing characters are the Maximoff twins; Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. Both the characters often found themselves at the crossroads of good and evil.

The story itself is not very convincing, as Magneto following his evil plan to rule the world decides to take over a tiny republic of Santo Marco in the Atlantic with a single naval craft. But then again, the man has to start from somewhere. And thus begins an epic battle between the X-men and The brotherhood with an ending that would shock you!


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