My man jeeves by P.G Wodehouse: A review

MyManJeevesTitle: My Man Jeeves

Author: P.G. Wodehouse

Pages: 114

Rating: 5/5

Link: My Man Jeeves

The hardest thing to do is to make people laugh. It gets harder when you have to do it on paper instead of television.

P.G Wodehouse is a man who knows that the key to a person’s heart is through his smile.

After much vacillation and in a desperate need to read humor, I picked P.G Wodehouse on a friend’s recommendation. There were so many to choose from but I thought it better to start from the beginning; the first in the series of countless hilarious novels, My Man Jeeves.

Jeeves is a personal gentleman to Bertie Wooster who or either of his friends, often find themselves at the cusp of problematic situations and who better to turn to in such situations than Jeeves.

The rummy thing about jeeves is that he light on his feet. You won’t see him coming, unless you watch him like a hawk. He would materialize like a genie whenever you need him and would fade into the surroundings afterwards.

True to its title, Jeeves is THE MAN, the man you go to for every problem/advice and a man you do not want to cross. Devilishly brainy, Jeeves brilliant ideas at times do not go as planned and bring contingencies that only he is privy too.

The novel is a collection of short stories, half feature Jeeves and Bertie Wooster, while others feature Reggie Pepper as an early Wooster. The stories even after being adapted and refashioned through writing and cinema are still garden-fresh crisp.

To be honest this is not a novel that would make you laugh out loud but it sure will make you happy. I, for one, had a smile plastered on my face through and through.


4 thoughts on “My man jeeves by P.G Wodehouse: A review

  1. Absolutely. And, he was just getting warmed up when he wrote it. Some of his other works are of the ‘laugh out loud’ quality. There is a scene in ‘The Mating Season’ that I have tried several times to read aloud to my family, but can’t because of my laughter. I have read it several times and the joy never diminishes. Thanks for your lovely review.

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