Star Wars Vol 1: Skywalker Strikes

Rating: 5/5 Author: Jason Aaron Illustrator: John Cassaday Link: Star Wars

Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Give a man pencil, paper and a little nudge towards the force and he might pen the most epic star wars story ever.

The force is strong with Jason Aaron and John Cassaday. The duo as writer and illustrator has brought the magic of the Star Wars films to paper.

Star Wars: Volume 1 spans six issues #1-6, and picks up the story right after Star Wars Episode IV: A new Hope. One might consider this volume to be Star Wars Episode 4.5: Skywalker Strikes.

It is not just a period of renewed hope for the rebellion after the destruction of the death star but also a renewed hope for all star wars fan out there. The book 1 of the skywalker series sees rebels looking to press their advantage by a daring offensive on the empire, hoping to defeat it. The lead is taken by princess Leia and Han Solo as they land on Cymoon 1 in hope to destroy the biggest weapons manufacturing factory of the Empire.

The issue pretty much fills the gap between the two movies; A new Hope and the Empire Strikes Back. Especially the parts where Luke struggles with the force and Vader infatuates with the young boy who destroyed his death star. It is not just a space adventure story where the rebels try to get an advantage over the empire but also a coming of age story for skywalker as he discovers that the path to becoming a Jedi won’t be an easy one and Vader seeks answers for his own.

The artwork is impeccable. From the shiny white of stormtroopers to the blotchy machinery of the rebels, Cassady’s attention to detail has made it an enjoyable read.

This is probably one of the best works of Jason Aaron. The action, story, dialogue, suspense and humor in this volume make this comic a page turner! The best thing about this issue is everything feels right and everything is spot-on. The dialogues are so genuine and sincere that it would make you stop and visualize your favorite characters saying those very lines at the back of your mind.

The thing that makes a sci-fi adventure memorable is its humor and the humor in this issue flows ceaselessly amid the constant bickering of Princess Leia and Han solo, the machinations of R2D2 and the hapless pitfalls of C3PO.

This issue gives space to a lot of characters especially Boba Fett who is not like the halfwit Boba Fett we were introduced to in Star Wars prequels. This Boba Fett sure means business! It also introduces an original character that is sure to make heads turn.

This is the kind of issue that makes me want to stop random strangers on the street and make them watch the movie, A new hope, so they can next read and enjoy this masterpiece.


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