Star Wars Vol 2: Showdown on the Smuggler’s Moon


Rating: 5/5  Author: Jason Aaron  Illustrator: Stuart Immonen  Link: Star Wars

There will be “blood and lightsabers“. If you are planning to read this volume, be advised to fasten your seat belts, as this epic adventure in a galaxy far far away will keep you on the edge of your seat through and through.

This volume collects issues #7-12.

Luke Skywalker struggles as he has no one to guide him through his jedi training. The uncertainties brings him to tatootine where he finds Ben Kenobi’s journal. The journal (issue #7) tells Luke of the vacillations and struggles of a man, probably the last of his kind jedi, living in a land rampant with corruption and injustice. Obi-Wan Kenobi was trained to be a jedi, but he was not trained to fade away.

The story further takes us to Nar Shada, the smuggler’s moon, as Luke continues to look for some sort of guidance. But things go awry as he gets captured.

This volume is one action packed adventure. Every few pages you would find guns blazing (pew-pew), tie-fighters swooping in, Chewbacca roaring and Princess Liea brandishing guns and a lightsaber.

The artwork is phenomenal. It was only halfway that I realized the illustrator in this volume is not the same as the previous one. Bianchi (issue #7) and Immonen (#8-12) have done a praiseworthy remarkable job especially in the action scenes. Everything is sketched to detail be it the background or the facial expressions.

The continuous banter between Liea and Solo keeps the mood light amid all the fighting and chaos. But the character that steals the show in the end is Chewbacca, that is on wookie I would never want to cross.

This volumes introduces a hoard of new characters like Grakkus the hutt, Game Master, Kongo the disemboweler and Bounty Hunter Dengar and also builds on previous characters like Han Solo’s wife.

I have nothing but admiration for the work Jason Aaron has been doing in putting the star wars adventure on paper.


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