Ms. Marvel Vol 2: Generation Why


Rating: 5/5 Author: Willow Wilson Artist: Adrian Alphona Link: Ms. Marvel

This is the first time I find a comic sequel as good as the first one, even better maybe.

Nerdy interests, conservative parents and poly morphing super powers, Kamala Khan sure had an adventurous volume one. And now in this sequel, Ms. Marvel, our very own Jersey City superhero, finally come face to face with the Inventor!

Crocs and Skint!

Ms Marvel gets her shoes dirty as she descents into the sewers of Jersey City and faces the Inventor. What I thought was a chicken at first sight turned out to be a Bird…err…correction, not just any bird but a cockatiel. Inventor may not be the baddest of the super villains we have seen Marvel throw at us, but he sure knows how to create nuisance with his bionic alligators.

But that’s not all in store in the sewers. We have Wolverine!!!

*Such Athletic* *Very Claws* *Much Amaze*

Even though she doesn’t like punching animals, Ms. Marvel and Wolverine team up to fight the bionic alligators. The writing is amusing and the artwork, remarkable. Especially the scene where Ms Marvel and Wolverine are climbing out of the sewer and you can see the dinosaur bones in the background buried in the ground. It is this sort of attention to background details that I find astonishing.

Come here you big fluffy thing!

Just when I thought this issue can’t get any better, enters LockJaw! The cutest and most humongous thing you would have ever seen. Lockjaw like hugs and can teleport.

But things get serious soon enough, as serious as they can get in this funny series. Ms. Marvel must put an end to the bird’s menace, err…I mean Cockatiel’s menace, before he brain washes any more kids into doing his bidding.

The dynamic duo, Wilson and Alphona, have penned another great volume of Ms Marvel. So much is packed in these five issues that collects #6-11, there is humor, action, wolverine, lockjaw, cockatiel villain and new realizations for Ms. Marvel as to who she really is!


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