Superman: Secret Origin. A review.

IMG_0088 - Copy

Rating:4/5 Author: Geoff Johns Illustrator: Gary Frank, Jon Sibal Link: Secret Origin

I love origin stories and Superman Secret Origin did not disappoint. It reminds me a lot of Mark Waid’s Birthright, especially the artwork. But this story begins much early. Clark Kent as a teenager struggles to control his powers and discovers who he really is!

The story begins with the difficult adolescent school years of Clark and then comes the big revelation. I love it how irrationally Clark acts, just like a typical teenager. The first issue also gives us a glimpse into Lex Luther’s past; his eccentricity and issues with his own father.

The second issue starts brilliantly but somewhere in the middle goes way off track with characters like cosmic boy, saturn girl and lightning lad roped in from the future. Thankfully, the writer abandoned it after one issue.

The adult Clark Kent, naïve and polite, enters the metropolitan city to work at Daily Planet. But the city is not what he had imagined. The people are rude and the city is under uncanny control of Lex Luther, except for Daily Planet; standing tall but crumbling under pressure.

There are a lot interesting characters like the chief, Lois Lane and Jimmy.

The artwork in stunning, the long shots of skyscrapers, the full body close ups of Superman, from detailed expressions to the folds in the clothes, the artwork is crisp and clear with no blurred lines.

The volume collects six issues. Six issues of stunning artwork, mild humor, action, drama and Superman. What more can one ask for?


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