Saga Volume 1: A review.


Rating: 5/5 Author: Brian K Vaughan Artist: Fiona Staples Link: Saga Volume 1

Here are 10 short points why to read Saga?

  1. It is funny as hell.
  2. It has explicit sex scenes that go well with the story.
  3. It has Lying Cat.
  4. Marko is hot as hell.
  5. Super Villains: Robot Prince IV, The Stalk, The Will. (to name a few)
  6. Did I mention Marko is hot as hell? Well, he deserves two points for being just so Hot.
  7. Flying Tree Rocketship.
  8. Cool Spells.
  9. It is set in the galaxy. So it is Star Wars yet not just another Star Wars.
  10. What if the war between Landfall and Wreath comes to our doorstep? On which side would Earth be? Read to make an informed choice.

Original, Addictive and Humorous is the best way to describe Saga.

A love story set in the troublesome times in a far away galaxy, spanning different moons and planets. Marko and Alana, two soldiers from wreath and landfall, fall in love despite their respective moon and planet being at war for generations. The saga is the story of their family trying to find refuge and survival amidst that war.

The best part of the novel is its originality. I never thought I would see such originality after having read so many sci-fi comics and novels and seen so many sci-fi movies. The Robot Prince IV, The lying cat and Stalk the freelance assassin are some of the characters who will be etched in your memory forever and ever.

Brian K Vaughan has penned a very interesting story, but for me, the real charm was the artwork. All thanks to Fiona Staples for bringing the originality of the characters on paper. The artwork is phenomenal. The striking bold lines give expression to every single emotion. The artwork is bold and beautiful. Bold, not just because of the nudity but because of its no holds barred attitude.

The humor fits the family on run for their lives. The chemistry between Marko and Alana is remarkable. The story and artwork is so incredible that it will make you fall in love and sympathies with heroes and villains alike.

The novel collects issues #1-6 and is a page turner filled with shocks and surprises at every nook and corner.



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