Fires of Winter by Johanna Lindsey


Rating: 4/5

Author: Johanna Lindsey

Genre: Historical Romance, Bodice Ripper

Link: Fires of Winter

Pages: 362

The Fires of Winter is a very absorbing, witty and sensual historical romance.

Brenna Carmarham is not some simpering cowering maid, she has been raised by her father as a son. She may be a quarter of the size of a Viking but give her a sword and she might prove a match. Garrick is a Viking merchant who already had his heart broken by a woman. When people with such conflicting and bold personalities are together, sparks are bound to ignite fire.

The squabbles and quarrels between Brenna and Garrick were quite charming and a very mushy read. The sensual scenes were so hot that they could steam the Viking (Norwegian) cold.

The novel is fast paced and has all the elements of a bodice ripper. The heroine gets kidnapped/abducted and eventually falls in love with her captor. But even with a clichéd storyline, the novel is thoroughly entertaining. This has more to do with the writing skills of Johanna Lindsey, who manages to keep the elements of humor, sex, action and adventure, well balanced.

If you turn a blind eye to all the mention of rapes that happen in the background (which are always a major element in bodice rippers), this novel is actually a very romantic read.

By the end, the built up suspense was so high that it was difficult to put the novel down. Even when I thought that there were no new surprises left, Johanna Lindsey managed to throw one or two in the end.


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