New 52 The Flash Vol. 1 : Move Forward


Rating: 3/5, Author/Artist: Francis Manapul, Link: The Flash

You know how they say, your first may not always be the best; the best comes later.

DC ‘s rejuvenated New 52 Flash was my first Flash comic. After having seen the amazing TV adaptation of The Flash recently, my expectations were through the roof, but they came crashing down.

Unlike other superheroes, the trademark of Flash a.k.a Barry Allen is his humor. Flash is a man who is still a boy at heart ready to sweep you off your feet with his speed and his jokes. But sadly somewhere while making a rejuvenated leap, DC dropped the fun part.

The Flash Volume One collects issues #1-8. The first five issues have a good story line but things get intolerable sixth issue onward.

In the first five issues Flash faces The MOB. The story goes into the origins of flash more seriously. The mystery that is the Speed Force is quite complex and intriguing. Flash is tapping the speed force and as a consequence breaking the very fabric of space and time. Flash was not just running faster he was thinking faster too, making his brain tap into the speed force and determine the immediate future by consolidating all possible outcomes.

However the saga of Mob Rule had a very indigestible ending. [Spoiler] Manuel (flash’s friend who is behind the Mob) wanted to get rid of his clones and wouldn’t willingly help save the dying clones. But when they eventually did die, instead of being happy and free, he blamed the Flash. Sighs! [Spoiler ends]

Sixth issue onward the mob rule is replaced by Captain Cold and things go downhill really fast. It is as if the refrigerated milk went sour on the sixth day.

The artwork is artsy and spectacular. For the first time I was reading the book solely for the artwork. The angles from which some of the scenes are drawn, are remarkable. The sequential little boxes that appear amidst the big picture falls perfectly into a big whole.

Will I read the next volume? Probably yes, if not for the story then definitely for the artwork and for a lot of things that were left unresolved in this volume.


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