Saga Volume 2


Rating: 5/5 , Artist: Brian K Vaughan, Illustrator: Fiona Staples Link: Saga Vol 2

The worst fears of an addict is being stranded on an island where he can’t score his next fix and like an addict, my biggest fear is that one day Saga will come to an end and I will be left high and dry with no fix or next issue. I am thinking this after reading the second volume, so you can imagine how addictive Saga truly is!

For those who have read the first volume, the second volume spans six issues #7-12 and here are six things that are in store for you.

  1. Grandparents are here.

If you thought that Marko and Alana have left the drama behind with their escapade in the tree rocket ship, you are in for a surprise. Wreath magic arrives right amidst the galactic travel. Grandparents can mean only one thing, double the action and triple the fun.

  1. How I met your mother.

This volume tells the story of how Hazel and Marko met and what kindled the flame of love between a soldier from Landfall and a prisoner of war from Wreath.

  1. It’s a planet, It’s an egg and It’s Hatching.

And just when I thought this volume will run out on creativity soon. I mean how creative can one be, they gave us lying cat, cool assassins, robot prince, what else is there that they can throw at us.

  1. Lying cat is at it again.
  2. The ending will blow your mind.
  3. Double the Humor.

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