Me before You by JoJo Moyes: A review 

Author: JoJo Moyes, Rating: 3.5/5, Title: Me Before You, Pages: 369

Where does the spirit go when your body breaks? Will traynor is man broken in spirit by a tragic accident that caused substantial spinal injury. He is a c5/6 quadriplegic who wish to end his life. Lou or Louisia is a small town girl, brought into will’s life for mere six months. 

Me before you is an adventurous, romantic, tragic and a time bound tale of Lou and Will, criss crossing each other’s path. Will trying to make Louisia see a life outside her small cocoon and Louisia trying to make Will see a life that can exist even with his disability.

Jojo moyes has written a remarkable story that deals with a controversial subject of euthanasia. The best part of the story is how realistic things are; the characters, the families, the plans that at times go awry as well as the ending.

The families of will and lou have been portrayed with utmost perfection. The perfect-imperfect bond between Lou and her sister and the tribulations of a middle class family makes you feel right at home.

The pace of the story is a bit slow in the beginning, but develops a keen interest with next few chapters, so much so that by the time you reach the middle, it is hard to put down.

The writing is good but not extraordinary. There were hardly any lines or scenes that will stick with you forever. Usually these types of novels excite strong emotions, but there were no laugh out loud moments in this one. Everything was so mellowed down. If I compare it with novels like the fault in our stars (in which I cried buckets and buckets of tears), it has subdued emotions. 

However I do want to point out one thing in the writing, the writing is subtle and so strong that even though it didn’t made me laugh out loud or cry, it had my undivided attention on every single page and every single line. Especially the way the author revealed the tragic incident in Lou’s own past, it was so gently and yet strongly disclosed, that when I realised what had happened I had nothing but praise for the author for writing it that way.

Even though this storyline has been explored and documented in many novels, movies and TV shows, I find ‘me before you’ a fresh, sweet love story. 


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