The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion


Author: Graeme Simsion

Pages: 295

Rating: 5/5

Link: The Rosie Project

This novel is like a cupid’s arrow. It will make you fall in love with everyone who is around you, even that stranger on the subway, you made eye contact with months ago.The Rosie project is a silly little romantic comical tale of Don Tillman finding and falling in love.

The book is a quick read and by quick read, I mean you can complete this novel in one sitting. The narration is simple and in first person. Not only that, the book is hard to put down. The novel is like that piece of chocolate cake, you think you can have just one bite but you end up eating the whole cake. The story is fast paced, so better pick it up on a weekend.

Don Tillman is a genetics professor with Asperger’s syndrome. Wait, this description doesn’t do justice to Don, Don Tillman is a ninja, who can do aikido and cook lobster.

In his quest to find a perfect partner for himself, Don comes up with a wife project, a series of questions that would help Don find a perfect match. Rosie Jarman is everything opposite to what Don is looking for. She smokes, works as a barmaid, can’t cook and has no proclivity towards being punctual. But like Don said, with the exception of her careless attitude to health, Rosie had never exhibited any sign of brain malfunction.

After meeting Rosie, Don’s wife project took a backseat and Rosie’s father project becomes the center of his universe; a quest to find Rosie’s real father. It would take Don from Australia to New York.

This novel is laugh out loud hilarious. My advice, from my personal misfortunes is, don’t read it while eating or drinking or with anything hot like coffee in your hand. With this novel you never know when uncontrollable laughter hits you